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Portable Spas

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Portable Spas Accessories & Hot Tubs for Sale

Hot Spring® Spas are engineered and built for
the realities of daily use. We have a well-deserved reputation for quality-made spas that perform over time. We use only the highest quality materials from our exclusive shell to our state-of-the-art components.

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Aria® - Capacity 5 adults - In celebration of Hot Spring Spa's 30th Anniversary, they are introducing the Aria™ spa which includes exclusives like the Moto-Massage® DX jet and the advanced technology of our Tri-X® filters, along with special features like Precision® jets in the calf area of the lounge for enhanced hydromassage. The sleek cabinet profile adds a contemporary flair to any backyard. Relax to the sound of your favorite song playing on the factory-installed music system.
Vista® - Capacity 6 adults - The Vista spa is our most fully-featured spa, with 47 jets and two 2.5 horsepower jet pumps. Its extremely comfortable lounge accommodates a wide range of heights, while its corner seat delivers targeted back, wrist and calf hydromassage options. The Vista includes the Moto-Massage® DX Jet, the BellaFontana™ water feature, and the optional SpAudio® music system that lets you feel the music.
Grandee - Capacity 7 adults - With its expansive Barrier-Free design, provides plenty of room for a party of seven. Sculpted armrests offer additional comfort. Dual Moto-Massage® jets let two people enjoy a terrific back massage at the same time.
Envoy - Capacity 5 adults - The Envoy, a high-powered spa, delivers exceptional jet performance. The BellaFontana™ water feature and four cup holders enhance your relaxation experience. And the three JetStream® jets, the Footwell system offers exceptional therapy.
Vanguard - Capacity 6 adults - Vanguard offers comfortable seating and styled armrests for maximum relaxation. Two seats feature our exclusive Moto-Massage® jet and the Quartet® jet system, allowing two users to delight in total back and shoulder massage at the same time.
Sovereign - Capacity 6 adults - Roomy enough to treat you and five friends like royalty, the contemporary styling of the Sovereign makes a beautiful addition to anyone's castle. Its extra long lounge, expansive Barrier-Free seating and extensive jet variety make the Sovereign our most popular choice.
Prodigy - Capacity 5 adults - A spacious five-person spa, the Prodigy features a variety of jet configurations in six seating locations. From the soft yet penetrating full back massage of a ten Precision jets, to the invigorating lower back massage of a powerful JetStream® jet, a customized hydromassage experience awaits.

Jetsetter - Capacity 3 adults - The Jetsetter is perfect for one, two or three users. The lounge seat has a Moto-Massage® jet for your back, Precision® jets for your neck and shoulders, and a JetStream® jet for your feet so you can relax in style. Two Jet Cluster systems provide additional hydromassage options.


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Spas & Hot Tubs from Limelight

Limelight Hot Tubs - From the outside in, Limelight hot tubs are designed to attract and hold attention. Starting at the bartop, through the filter lid, pillows, jet recesses, and seating, there is a consistent flowing design with continous curves.

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Pulse® - the largest model in the Limelight Hot Tub line. At 7’5” x 7’5” x 38”H, the Pulse seats six comfortably and provides a relaxing massage for all with 50 hydromassage jets powered by two 2.5 Wavemaster® jet pumps. Additionally, the Pulse includes signature Limelight features such as the Raio™ lighting system, Vidro™ waterfall, ELMwood™ cabinet and Limelight music system option.

Flair® - Capacity 5 adults - Introducing the Limelight Flair - the middle model in the Limelight Hot Tub line. At 7’ x 7’ x 36”H. Step into the Limelight with the all-new for 2008, Limelight Flair! With it's innovative design and contemporary features, the Limelight Flair is built with the HotSpring craftmanship you know you can trust.

Glow® - The Smallest of these three, the Glow still packs a punch. Dynamite does come in small packages.. The Seating Capacity is 4 adults with no lounge. The dimensions are 6’ 4” x 7’ x 33”H Lighting Raio™ lighting system Music System (Optional) Limelight music system.

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Portable Spas and Hot TubDeals



Hot Spot Spas are built to last. They offer some of the best features for relaxation: always hot and ready for a quick soak any time; energy efficient, so its easy on your wallet; and with quiet operation, you can enjoy peaceful moments and intimate conversations You'll feel even better knowing your high-quality spa is from the makers of Hot Spring® spas.

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Relay™ - Capacity 6 adults. It is a 7’ x 7’ x 36” spas. It includes 35 jets all with stainless steel trim. The spa has two 1.5 HP jet pumps. The spa has a water feature comes in 3 shell colors (champagnes opal, pearl and sand) and 2 cabintet colors (coastal gray and redwood). Options include a integrated MP3 Sound System, Wireless Sound System and Wireless TV & Sound System

Tempo™ - Capacity 6 adults. The Tempo™ is a 7.5’ x 7.5’ by 38’ hot tub with 45 jets, all with stainless steel trim and two 2.5 Hp jet pumps.

This hot tub has a water feature and offers 3 entertainment system options (integrated MP3 Sound System, Wireless Sound System and Wireless TV & Sound System). Shell color options are Champagne Opal, Pearl & Sand. Cabinet Color options are Coastal Gray and Redwood.

Sprint™ - Capacity Capacity 6 adults. The round hot tub is 78” in diameter and 35” high. It has 30 jets and two 1.5 Hp jet pumps. Choice of 2 shell colors (indigo and mist) and 2 cabinet colors (coastal gray and redwood)

Dash™ - Capacity Capacity 6 adults. The round hot tub is 78” in diameter and 35” high. It has 17 jets and a 1.5 Hp 2-speed jet pump. Choice of 2 shell colors (indigo and mist) and 2 cabinet colors (coastal gray and redwood)

SX - Capacity 3 adults - The sleek exterior skirt design is unlike any other spa on the market. It's constructed of Endurol thermo-plastic, making SX model stylish and very low-maintenance. The SX seats five adults. It has adjustable hydromassage jets.

TX - With its slim profile and unique shape, the TX fits through standard doorways, goes up and down stairs and around corners. Compact enough for a second-floor deck, yet roomy enough for you to stretch out and relax, the TX model is an ideal choice for a first hot tub or changing lifestyles.

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