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Portable Spas & Hot Tubs

Hot Spring Spas of Marmora, NJ

Hot Spring® Spas are engineered and built for the realities of daily use. Hot Spring Spas have a well-deserved reputation for quality-made spas that perform over time. We use only the highest quality materials from our exclusive shell to our state-of-the-art components.


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Hot Spot Hot Tubs of Marmora, NJ

Hot Spot Spas are built to last. They offer some of the best features for relaxation: always hot and ready for a quick soak any time; energy efficient, so its easy on your wallet; and with quiet operation, you can enjoy peaceful moments and intimate conversations You'll feel even better knowing your high-quality spa is from the makers of Hot Spring® spas.

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FreeFlow Spas - Freeflow Spas are 115v plug-in ready; requiring no additional electrical connections. All you need is a nearby hose and a dedicated 115v outlet and you'll be relaxing before you know it!

Simply place your Freeflow Spa on a flat, level surface. Fill it up with water. Plug it in to a standard outlet with the GFCI protected cord and enjoy! Plus it is easy to maintain. Constructed of technologically advanced polymers, the unicast shell is beautiful, but RokSolidT™ - virtually impervious to the elements.

Hot Spring SpaStone Surrounds - Add the beauty of a natural-stone look to your Hot Spring spa with SpaStone Partial or Full Surrounds. Crafted from synthetic materials, the new panels make it easy to customize a Vista®-CC or Grandee®-CC spa to fit any outdoor environment.


Wood Spa Accessories

A & B Wood Accessories - Since 1988, A&B has been the world leader in quality redwood spa accessories, (gazebos, surrounds, steps, etc.) and patio furniture. Our innovative designs transform your spa into a spectacular haven for family and friends. A&B Accessories' products are simple to assemble and designed with maximum functionality in mind.

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Water Care

Hot Spring Spa Water Care Hot Spring® Spas has revolutionized the way you clean your spa with just a little bit of salt, your spa water, and diamond technology. Spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying your spa.


Hot Tub Accessories



Hot Spring Spa Accessories - are designed to enhance your Hot Spring® Spa and make your spa experience more enjoyable.
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  • Cover Removal Systems
  • Spa Enhancements
  • Spa Maintenance Products
  • Accessories

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